Home Health Aid Diploma Program

Home Health Aide Program Diploma 75 Clock hours

General Admission Requirements and Procedures:
1. Applicants must meet the following requirements:
•     Be at least 17 years of age.
•     The student must have parental or guardian consent and signature if less than 18 years old.
•     Have a personal interview.
•     Submit a signed enrollment agreement.
•     Complete in-house test for HHA 75 (score must be 75% and over)
2. Premiere International Institute reserves the right to reject an applicant on the basis of not meeting the entrance requirements.


Program Objective

To train students in technical and clinical skills needed to successfully perform as Home Health Aides in the community and private home.
Program Description
The training program includes instructor-led classroom and training along with practical hands-on application. Student must successfully complete tests and a final exam.

 Home Health Aide   75 Clock hours

Theory hours:
Lab hours:  20
Total hours:  75


Course Number

Course Title

Clock Hours

HHA 100

Introduction To Home Care include Theory  (16 hours ), Lab

(10 hours), and  HIV/AIDS (4 hours)


HHA 101


Vital Signs include Theory  (15 hours) and Lab (5 hours)


HHA 102

Urinary /Rectal / Ostomy  Care /Urine Testing include Theory  (15 hours) and  Lab ( 5 hour)


HHA 103

Alzheimer  Disease, Dementia, Preventing Patient Abuse include Theory (5 hours)




Total hours





Course Descriptions

HHA 100
Introduction to Home Care
30 Clock hours, Theory (16 hours), Lab (10 hours), HIV/AIDS (4 hours)
This course will cover preventing over treatment by correcting poor health practices and maintaining a safe home or work environment. Students will learn how to identify high risk patients within the community. Students will be taught about HIV/AIDS/OSHA/TB, emergency management, abnormal signs and symptoms, and body functions.

HHA 101
Vital Signs
20 Clock hours, Theory (15 hours), Lab (5 hours)
This course will cover the skills and teaching on how to take vital signs, such as temperature, pulse, heart rate and blood pressure.

HHA 102
Urinary /Rectal /Ostomy Care/Urine Testing
20 Clock hours, Theory (15 hours), Lab (5 hour)
This course will cover the Urinary System and how it functions, Cauterization, how to check for Rectal Impaction, Enema insertion, Ostomy care, Stoma site care, and collection of urine for analysis.

HHA 103
Alzheimer Disease, Dementia, Preventing Patient Abuse
5 Clock hours, Theory (5 hours)
This course will cover the basic knowledge of Erotological Nursing, theories of Aging, myths and realities of Aging and physiologic changes associated with Aging and Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly.



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