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In 2009, Premiere International College was founded by Cynthia Rue which was originally named West Lawrence Academy. Ms. Rue’s motivation for opening the school was to develop highly skilled nurses to provide care for medically compromised patients in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas.

In 2010, the school received approval to offer Practical Nursing Program by the Florida Board of Nursing and the Commission of Independent Education and in 2012 the Nursing Program was approved. With the support of the local Ft. Myers community, PIC received approval for a RN to BSN Program in 2013 by the Florida Board of Nursing and Florida Commission of Independent Education designed for seamless continuity of education for licensed Registered Nurses.

In 2015, Premiere International College received approval for the Home Health Aide and Business Administration (AS, BS, MS) by the Florida Commission of Independent Education.  The school has since built a reputation for excellence in education as it has attracted committed educators and administrative staff.


The mission of the Premiere International College is to support the educational needs of a diverse community by preparing the students to qualify for the national licensure examination upon graduation. PIC provides accessible, affordable, quality educational opportunities to ensure safe, competent, and technically skilled practice.  PIC is committed to excellence, integrity, and respect in addressing the healthcare needs of the community by supplying competent and employable graduates.



Premiere International College is devoted to educating the community. We provide students with an atmosphere that capitalizes on student-centered learning. PIC considers each student as an individual and strives to be cognizant of all requests from members of the student body. PIC graduates are instilled with the belief that family values, commitment, and perseverance will allow them to become productive members of society.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives are essential to the mission of Premiere International College. In keeping with the needs and background of our students Premiere International College faculty, administration, and management’s purpose is to:

  • Bring knowledge to the local community of the opportunities in the nursing profession achievable through completion of nursing training programs.
  • Provide comprehensive nursing programs that prepare students for direct entry into the job market.
  • Support students in the successful completion of their nursing programs of study.
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop the soft skills necessary to be successful in school and in their nursing profession.
  • Contribute to the community by providing adequately trained and prepared nursing professionals.
  • Create a challenging and supportive environment for employees, and provide learning and growth opportunities, and infrastructure necessary to do his/her job effectively.
  • Establish for employees an environment and policies that ensure PIC regulatory compliance.
  • Guide students to be successful professionals at their places of selected employment.


Rates: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Placement 100% 2017
Retention Rate 71.43
RN NCLEX Not Test Takers